Brian Boucher is Your Game 3 Starter!

Brian_boucherPhoto via CBS Philly

Annnnnd Bob doesn't have a locker in Buffalo… Flyers beat reporters believe Leighton will be the backup.

The horror.

Applauding the Bouche move, though.

Bouche_starterBoucher has played well all year, most of that coming in a backup role. For 10 years, he has been yo-yo'd around with the Flyers. He deserves a chance to finish what he started in 2000, continued with last spring, and helped make possible for this year. It looks like he'll get that chance. If it doesn't work out? Leighton.

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21 Responses

  1. WTF is lavy high! i agree with the boosh start but why is leights backing him up? Wheres BOB!

  2. Why is it that we always have a good-to-great team and mediocre-to-horrible goalies, year after year after year?

  3. Kyle look at some of boosh’s masks from the past. He has Boosh on it not bouche

  4. love this move. bob will be good in a couple of years but right now hes to young, doesnt speak english well enough, and is to inconsistent. he played great in game 1 but after seeing him let in the 2nd and 3rd goal in game 2 i was not comfortable with im in net at all. the 1st goal the entire team was running around and the guy flubbed the shot. but yea i support this move and want leighton as the back up

  5. I support it, Bob is a ROOKIE people…remember that…Niemi was an exception….rookie goalie Cup winners are not common…lets just let him learn…Leights backing Boosh is interesting though. I am psyched for this game!

  6. If Laviolette’s rolling the dice with Boucher as his starter and Leighton as the backup, then we might not see Bob again until training camp. For damn sure we won’t see him for the rest of this series unless there’s an injury.
    And the decades long run of question marks in goal for the Flyers continues….

  7. Bob is the future. Brian Boucher has earned the right to be there tonight. I’ve been following hockey since ’72.
    Tretiak,Dryden,Parent,Hextall,Roy,Brodeur,Hasek,Fuhr…Great goalies who never had to “stand on their heads”
    clear the porch and we’ll be ok

  8. Zherdev, Holmstrom, or Shelley in Nodl’s place tonight. More than likely Zherdev will get the nod.

  9. Ponyboy did you really just say that Roy, Brodeur, and Hasek never had to stand on their heads? Are you high? They were known for standing on their heads! They stole games all the time by doing that!

  10. “my attempts to spell it ‘Bouche’ are going on deaf ears. Not stopping, though.”
    So you admit to being the authority on dooshiness, Boyle? Hahahahahahahah

  11. Also, I’m not superstishish, but did anyone notice that Bobs was wearing his old helmet (with the Russian fighter-bomber jet) for Game 2? I guess that was a big mistake. It probably sent Lavs over the edge and Bobs out of the line-up.

  12. Great goalies take the angles away….and dont move until the shot is made….athletic goalies “stand on their heads” and make it look “spectacular”
    Seventh game Flyers vs Rangers 1973 Parent was stopping shots he couldnt see….he knew where the shot was going to be taken.
    kinda like a Jedi.
    Brodeur learned from Tretiak….not alot of flailing or movement.

  13. Zach, what does it matter if he speaks english? I don’t think that’s really effecting him in the goal. And McGinty, I seriously doubt what helmet Bobs wears is in even in the scope of caring for Lavs right now.

  14. Rick Tocchet on DailyNewsLive….” I talked to some goalie coaches..Bobrovsky is moving too much”

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