Caption This!


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  1. These grey sweatpants really pull together the throwback jersey and bunny mask #21 loaned me!

  2. if richards gets suspended then the easter bunny has to be real.
    -heard from a couple of sources hes not getting suspended. check out the700level….

  3. Drew, don’t deny she looks just like you except for the ears. Where’s the the Child support Stafford, you bastard!

  4. “And that makes me a sad Panda err… Bunny”
    “Show me when on the Bunny the pederast with the mustache touched you…”

  5. No caption needed here folks… Its obvious the Rabbit is Hitchhiking for a (Mustache)Ride.

  6. “So I only have one egg with an OT goal in it to hand out today and it isn’t in your basket. But the good news is you can this shitty drawing to my left, some Cadbury Eggs and a flight back to Philly!”

  7. “Jesus! This is what happens when I don’t go to the ‘quiet room’ right after a concussion, I start hallucinating!”

  8. Nice egg of a game you just laid… mind if I clean it up, dye it, and put it in my basket of mistakes?

  9. Two things that are not real – the Easter Bunny & Buffalo’s chances of winning the series!

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