Carter Out, Pronger In


…at least according to Tim Panaccio, who followed that up with this:


Stay tuned.


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  1. Theres an article on CSN Philly too. The only thing I want Pronger for is the damn PP, our D has played decent minus the havoc filled game 2.

  2. This is like if Christmas fell on the same day as the 2012 apocalypse. The suspense is palpable.

  3. I don’t know which was more pathetic….Sabres 5 minute power play or the officiating.
    Miller is keeping the Sabres in this thing….but the dam is going to break.
    Q. Why doesn’t Pronger drink vodka ?
    A. Cause it makes him mean.

  4. No, Pronger doesn’t drink vodka because real men drink only whiskey (for play, and beer when they have to work).
    What else haven’t you learned, ponyshagginboy?
    Anyway, at this point, let’s not be too concerned about the presence of Carter or Pronger. AS long as the Flyers come out like they did for P3 last nite, and as long as the refs don’t get stoopid again, I know the Flyers get so many pucks in the net that they’ll make Miller look like a cheap hoo-er!

  5. I’d also rather the Flyers save Pronger’s return for only if they’re facing elimination. And if he doesn’t play tomorrow nite, I have a suspicion they won’t need him yet either for game 6 on Sunday.
    IOW, take the chance with Pronger only as an act of desparation, cause that’s what it looks like if he comes back too early.

  6. Since Pronger hasn’t done any slap shots in practice, he will be pretty much useless at the blue line on the power play. I think Lavs should put Pronger right in front of Miller when they are on the power play because Pronger wont move and would be a great screen in front of Miller.

  7. I heard the Ice Crew won’t need to put up the safety net with Carter out. Any truth to this haha

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