Celebrating a Late Night Win on the Left Coast

This lady certainly seemed to enjoy herself as the Phillies closed out another win in Phillies fan dominated San Diego. You don't walk Jimmy Rollins to get to Ryan Howard. In a way, you could say doing so kicked off a little Easter dance party.

Happy Easter (to about 70% of our readers). There may be a short ad to sit through.

I'm fully aware that this may be the worst thing we've ever done on this site.


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  1. “I’m fully aware that this may be the worst thing we’ve ever done on this site.”
    And that’s really saying something considering how awful this site is.

  2. Despite the horridness of that video, Madson still managed to look like a totally effing boss in it.

    You want to talk about Ryan Madson being the boss, but how about Antonio Bastardo? Bastardo has been brilliant so far this season. This is exactly what we need coming out of the ‘pen – a dominant strikeout pitcher.
    With the refresh of talent in the ‘pen from the minors, our bullpen could prove to be as much of a treat to watch as our starting pitching.

  4. I haven’t laughed that hard on a Sunday morning in a long time…that was fucking hilarious…if you’re on this site, and you don’t like the content, do you really think Kyle cares? All he cares about are the clicks of the page that drives up his marketing revenue….so not only are you idiots unappreciative of humor, you’re also putting money in his pocket. Great Video!

  5. Bleue- That’s not -all- I care about, but yeah, if people want to come on here to hate on everything, that’s just fine by me. It only helps.

  6. Hahaha! I just laughed my ass off. Even the little kid in the right hand corner couldn’t take it lol.

  7. Kyle, true, I’m sure you care about more…but I hear the cha-ching for you bra, let the haters post and give the rest of us more to laugh at!

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