Checking in on Our Former Foes, The Buffalo Sabres

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It turns out Patrick Kaleta broke his hand during the second period of Game 6. He will have surgery on Monday. Karma, however, continues to be a bitch.

And do you remember when Jim Jackson and Bill Clement joked about Jason Pominville's reaction – tossing the stick and gloves – to what they thought was a skate blade problem? Well, as you know, Pominville was cut. It turns out he severed a tendon in his leg and will be out for 4-6 MONTHS. That sucks, for real.

And now, sad Ryan Miller.

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Must watch video for those of you who take pleasure in other people's misery… after the jump. Now if the Phillies or Flyers would play a game soon, we could stop making fun of other cities.


14 Responses

  1. He literally looks like a freshman in high school who rides the bench on the football team.

  2. Dear Reporters: When YOU ask a question, pull your mic closer please. Thanks. (It’s always nice to know what you just asked, stupid question or not.)

  3. Karma is a bitch indeed…Kaleta deserved far worse than a broken hand. Ryan Miller Looks like an emaciated Aids patient. The guy’s got a hot fiance though. Feel bad for Pominville, thats a bad injury

  4. That video of Miller was as depressing as an episode of Private Practice. Sounds like he may need a shrink over the summer.

  5. Wow, does Kaleta finger his gash with his hockey gloves on too?
    LJN, why would we want Miller? He may be a pretty good goalie with a good defense to back him up, but he’s got a shytty whining-wussy atatude.
    Come on, Ryan. Despite the early exit, you’re still got a hot Indian American (not American Indian) fee-yont-say. And that ain’t easy when you look like an inbred Michagin wanking bohunk like you.

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