Cliff Lee Talks About Your Alcoholism

Jeez, Cliff, looks like a certain someone's Twitter picture

I'm going to be real honest: I'm hungover. 

We chugged through almost five kegs at our tailgate yesterday, several ladies did (performed?) several keg stands, and there was even "finger-blasting" reference thrown-in to one of them. You're all drunks.

Cliff Lee thinks so, too:

"It seemed a little more intense. And these fans have a knack for getting a little louder than everyone else. I don't know what it is. I don't know if it's alcohol-induced or what."


Yes it is, Cliff. But it's also because we love you. Just like how most couples are more touchy-feely in a bar. Don't worry, we won't late night text you- well, at least not until you miss a couple of starts and we don't know where you are.

Video after the jump. More on the tailgate tomorrow.

That chin just reeks of irony.


6 Responses

  1. I love Cliff Lee. Yesterday was awesome and I definitely got my “phill”. If anyone needs a good spot to go to before the game, check out the Philadium.
    Can you explain the “ironic chin” thing? What does that mean exactly?

  2. Well, “Puma hats suck,” I would say your friend was wrong. Actually over 200 people showed up. And the fact that you troll web comments about a blog that no longer exists pretty much shows what sort of person you are, sooooo…

  3. Puma hats sucks makes a valid point. Not about who showed up but the fact that the idea came from the fightins. No respect to give them a shout out for giving you the idea of a tailgate kyle?

  4. kyle yo get off lee’s dick. I know you love him, but now you think he looks like you? I think your bromance for Lee has surpassed Halladay’s bromance for chooch.

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