Craig Sager Gets in Some Off Day Drinking at McFadden’s

Side part? Check.

Baby blue polo with beer gut protruding? Check.

I'm in Philly by myself for a few days during this inevitable outcome series and going to troll for some hunnies while I sip on Bud Light? Check. Check. And triple fucking check.


Pics via this guy's and this guy's Twitter


34 Responses

  1. all that sager hate and you let the clown with the blow out and the clear framed sunglasses skate?

  2. Those pictures should be preserved for posterity as it’s not often the public gets to see Craig dressed like a normal human being instead of a circus clown or a Don Cherry wannabe.

  3. @ThePhillyFlash – well since Craig is seen with circus clowns from Jersey, isn’t that the same thing?

  4. Those 2 tool bags dad’s should beat their a$$ for dressing like that. Nice brim & sunglasses

  5. Ha its funny how yall coming at me.. 1. i hate the Jersey Shore. 2. My brim in bent its not flat. and yall just hating cause you cant afford to goto a Phillies game. Also im not a wigger at all. i actually take a good offense to that. Keep your rude comments to your self. And to Crossing Broad. Howd you get this Picture?

  6. Oh my bad, I can’t afford the 20 dollar standing room tickets you fucking jackass, go back to whatever rich suburb you came from.

  7. Actually im not rich but apparently your not well off because you took offense to that..

  8. djt- links are above. a couple of folks tweeted it. i wasn’t hating on you, just thought the pics of craig were funny. trust me, people will bash people for anything, don’t take offense to it. judging by the fact that looks like a zip up jersey, means it is the real thing, not a cheap knockoff. for that, i respect it.

  9. Kyle thanks man, i appreciate that yea its not a knock off, ha.. i love my throw back jerseys. dont find to many Tugger jerseys out there.. but thanks for your comment man. also i like your site, never really browsed it before, dope man.. you werent bashing other people were, thanks for having my back.

  10. Ah, Laddie Boy Kyle is just jealous because he knows that he’ll be bald and fat and a failure at at fashion and a failure at marriage (or any other type of conventional relationship) when he gets to be Sager’s age.
    Sager’s babe “FTW! YEEEEEEEEES.”:
    Plus, Sager has the superior sense to know that it’s a fashion foe-pah to go out for any drinking in just a t-shirt, gym shorts, and flops:

  11. DJ T, you can’t take this shit serious! People will hate on anything posted on a blog ie those 2 Penn students who built that robot.

  12. i feel you Tyrone, but im in a wierd mood today, lot of thing goin on. read this as i sat here at work and it just got to me.

  13. Eric I was looking at this site like I always do and said wtf thats lil slice. hahaha

  14. @stanotto wtfuck how the Hell doesn’t my pick with Craig get seen.
    @ tonka fuck these haters… some pour ass fans who can only afford to take their families to dollar dog nite and support jersey tees bought at foreman mills on the clearance rack.

  15. @Chris & Craiq Martin – you guys are REAL tough, its easy to be tough guys via comment isnt it? fuckin clowns..go jerk each other off

  16. Eh, I think people got fired up over the “too poor to afford tickets” comment. Kind of opened the floodgates at which point nobody really cared to hear your “true story” of a DJ having a melancholy day.

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