Crowd Video of Mayberry’s Walk Off Called by Scott Franzke

Here's John Mayberry's walk-off as viewed by reader Greg Shields from the stands. We've spliced in Franzke's call, along with the always excellent Spanish language broadcast. Something something John Mayberry.


Hop it for the video.

H/T to (@Greg_Shields)

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6 Responses

  1. Spelled his name wrong in title. I normally hate the ones who point out spelling mistakes, but I feel names are important. Apologies, but Franzke is stuck because most likely there are contract stipulations that won’t allow Wheels to get taken off TV. I would like ot know when his contract is up so Franzke can finally get moved to TV.

  2. Kyle, Thanks for the live game feed yesterday. I was stuck at work in Annapolis, MD with your live feed on my computer. You and John Mayberry made my Friday! I was able to run 5 doors down the block to a bar and watch Roy stuck out two and J-roll and Ryan’s singles in the ninth. Have a cold one for me today. Enjoy and GO PHILLIES! Holly

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