Doug Collins Will Try to Exploit Dwyane Wade’s Migraines Tonight

Miami_wadeThat's not helping anybody Pic via Kate Fagan (@deepsixer)

Dwyane Wade missed Sunday's practice with a migraine symptoms, something he has struggled with in the past. Tonight, he is expected to wear goggles to help combat the effects of the bright lights (literally and figuratively, I suppose). Perhaps the white out in Miami isn't helping things…

In January, the league banned him from wearing tinted glasses, because it gave him an unfair advantage over other players, since they couldn't see his eyes. Look for tonight's goggles to be no more than translucent.

Of course, Doug Collins will try to exploit Wade's symptoms: [Palm Beach Post and Jennifer McCaffrey]

“I have a set of cymbals, that every time he runs by the bench, I’m slashing them. And I went out and bought the brightest flashlight I could find, and every time I get eye contact I'm shooting it at him."


He's kidding… I think.

Video after the jump.

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