Eagles to Play Bills in Toronto (?), Michael Vick is a Finalist for Madden Cover

Ah yes, football still exists.

According to The Fan 590 in Toronto via T-Mac (Philly Sports Daily really needs to start hiring guys whose last name's don't start with "Mc"), the Eagles will play the Bills at the Rogers Centre (there's that douchey spelling again) in Canada on either November 13th or 20th.

I guess this is payback for stealing three of the Blue Jays' home games last year… All this, of course, if there is actually a football season.

It is down to Michael Vick and Peyton Hillis for the 2012 Madden cover. Please no. Please no. Please no. I fully buy into jinxes, and this one is for realsies. VOTE HILLIS 2012– TOGETHER WE CAN FIGHT RECOGNIZABLE ATHLETES BEING ON VIDEO GAME COVERS.

Carry on.

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12 Responses

  1. We better Keep Kolb just for the game in Toronto…I’m pretty sure Vick isn’t allowed to leave the country.

  2. “I had no idea a 13 year old girl ran this website.”
    “I had no idea a cartoon character commented on my site.”
    Fail. Just like: “ZOMG!”, “After the jump”, “For realsies”

  3. does this site have any affiliation to the “make an ESPN Philadelphia” page on facebook? or do those guys completely steal the wording, pictures, and stories from this site?

  4. those guys seriously just copied and pasted your last paragraph as their status..what a joke

  5. i hear ya. but they’re good guys, they’ve reached out to me before promoting their page and have linked to us before, so i’ll it go. i appreciate the heads up, though.

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