Ah yes, the public outcries to play Mo Speights. – listens – Birds chirping.

OK, maybe not. But Evan Turner sure wants his buddy to play more.

Since March 14th, Speights’ playing time has significantly decreased. He’s been a DNP in seven of 14 games, and in the games he did participate in, Speights has not played double-digit minutes, despite averaging 11 MPG for the season. Before Friday’s game, Evan Turner took to the Tweets to get his teammate more playing time.


Speights didn’t play for the first time in four games.

Lou Williams is in on the action, too.

Nothing like players openly campaigning for playing time. Is there any other sport in which this would happen?

Do you think Jimmy Rollins would Tweet, “#leadoffjroll™?”

Or would Mike Richards Tweet, “#saveshelley?”

I says no. Just another reason why the NBA is full of all sorts of goodness.

Beaker kept it up last night:


In the fourth quarter, Speezy was, in fact, freed.


The Sixers lost by 10.

You won't get this stuff in a press conference, folks.