Evan Turner Wearing a Puck Adorned Hockey Helmet Really Doesn’t Need Words


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  1. Flyers & Sixers have announced a trade. Evan Turner – who cant play basketball – will be starting in net for game #6. Michael Leighton – who cant play goalie – will be starting for the Sixers on Sunday.
    In other news, the lights will be out for the season(s) at the WFC starting Monday. Have a great summer and get your hopes back so we can crush them next year.

  2. Makes me like Turner even more…now if he could only take over for Iggy (trade for Dwight Howard…yes I am dreaming)

  3. “Man, I just realized that I’m the only black person here AND I look ridiculous.”

  4. sat right behind him. he was going nuts all game. gotta love it. finally gives me a reason to love him

  5. “even this crazy hat doesn’t help me to understand why white people like hockey so much.”

  6. “It was at this moment that he knew, he could do something that no man has done before. Play ice hockey and start a successful rap career. This was the day he changed his name to, Young Slap Sheezy.”

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