Flyers Continue to Back Into Playoffs

At this point, the Flyers would be smart to throw a couple of reverse lights on the truck and play a continuous beeping noise at The Well.

They lost again in a shootout. But more importantly, they didn't play well: [Philly Sports Daily]

“It’s concerning,” Scott Hartnell said. “It’s collectively, it’s not just a line or a couple of guys. We’re not finishing checks and we’re not getting pressure on the forecheck. At the beginning of the year, we were a group of five out there cycling non stop. Now it seems like it’s just one good shift and two off. It’s not winning hockey."


I could go two different ways on this. 

1) They are playing horribly down the stretch and we're set for a big disappointment.

2) They have been coasting for the entire year and are just waiting for a new challenge.

I'm actually not going to press the panic button, yet. Despite all of the lackluster play, when the team needs to get up for a game – like the Penguins – they do it. You could even see it in overtime today. 

It's not right and it's a bit concerning, but they do seem to have a different gear that they can kick into almost at will. Hockey is different in that sense. The game isn't based on timing as much as other sports – say, baseball- rather, it is based heavily on "outworking" an opponent.

It's cliché and overly simplistic, but it's a true statement. You will be able to gauge where this team is going by their effort in the first playoff game. If they still look lethargic, then we have a problem. For now, let's just get the season over without any more injuries- Briere and Betts are out until at least Friday.

Davey I has the recap, the highlights are after the jump.


5 Responses

  1. I’m not worried yet. We need to focus on not getting any more injured first and foremost. They look great at times (1st period and overtime today) and look absolutely atrocious at times (2nd period today). I still (hopefully not naively) feel like they’re a veteran enough group that once they hit the playoffs they’ll be able to say “okay, time to get to work” and start rolling.

  2. This team worries me because their play has been so ridiculously, almost insanely inconsistent, and that was BEFORE Chris Pronger was sidelined. One night, they outplay contenders like Pittsburgh, and the next, they’re outhustled by bottom feeders like Atlanta. I’m no hockey expert, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I just don’t know what to expect from the team as the season winds down and the playoffs loom. They could wind up lifting the Cup, or be ousted in the first round.

  3. They were good in the third period and in overtime. Finally Lavs has brought back Zherdev, who played well and scored a goal. I don’t know what Hartnell was talking about, he was more than awful.

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