Flyers Open NASDAQ, Take Over Times Square


Photos courtesy of NASDAQ

I suppose this is what it looks like to figuratively give New York the middle finger?

The Flyers opened the NASDAQ this morning as part of a ceremony to usher in the start of the NHL playoffs. Somewhere, the New York Rangers probably aren't too thrilled. I suppose when you're owned by Comcast, a company traded on the NASDAQ, you can open the market whenever you damn well please.


There's liiiiiiitle Mariano Rivera in the upper left

This six-story high video billboard was up in Times Square for an hour.

Here's video of the incredibly awkward shenanigans. The highlight was the master of ceremonies, who claimed to be a Flyers fan, getting flummoxed by Ian Laperriere's name and calling him "Ian."


24 Responses

  1. That’s pretty sweet that you went to Times Square and took that second picture by yourself. I mean, I assume you did anyway since it’s not credited to anyone.

  2. @Tank. I guess reading isn’t your strong suit. Look below the first picture. “Photos courtesy of NASDAQ.”

  3. Hey Jeff, apparently comprehension isn’t your strong suit. Take a look below the second picture – no credit given. And I’m sure Nasdaq wouldn’t put out a shitty camera phone picture of their own building. Nice effort tho, just shotty delivery.

  4. “Ball street Bullies”? This guy was terrible, amazing he claims to be a die hard flyers fan yet he can’t even attempt to pronounce Lappy’s name. Yea i’d b really pissed if I were the Rangers. Essentially the Flyers owned that video board this morning in your town. That’d be like butting the rangers logo the PECO building all morning.

  5. @Tank, seriously, take a chill pill.
    Yeah, it almost sounds like “Bull Street Bullies”, either this guy has no idea what flyers hockey is or was a nervous wreck and showed it real well.

  6. …by saying ‘Bull’, he’s referring to the NYSE. Economist jokes = not so funny

  7. Sorry to anyone I have offended, I am being a real jerk today because rain makes me sad 🙁

  8. oh man, that’s hilarious to pretend to be someone else! You win the internets today, ma’am.

  9. – Were we watching different clips of Pronger? He was rolling his eyes, smiling and laughing the entire time as he proceeded to bust the Russian Gangster’s balls every time he tried to get a question in. Vintage Pronger, playful and entertaining. Now Ritchie, that dude can’t handle the media, he’s like a wet blanket most of the time. Pronger was just having a good time.

  10. OMG that was totally not me, I am not the impostor you are! Ugh I am always getting picked on!

  11. YO DUDE stop impersonating me, it’s really quite sad. Don’t you have better things to do?

  12. Get a life dude. Trying to switch things around. I only commented on this about the picture in the the first place. I don’t even know why you started acting like this in the first place.

  13. Dave, I’ve seen plenty of Pronger. Maybe I took it wrong but it looked like fake smiling and trying to be “pronger” while he really wanted to tell them to eff off like Richie would love to do. I’m not in the guys head, he just seemed very agitated by the biggest question in Philly right now. “When?” I’m not saying I’m right, just how I PERCEIVED it.

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