Leighton_waterGreat Photoshop from reader Dominic Perilli

UPDATE: CSN's Sarah Baicker reports that the Flyers would like to use Leighton on Friday against Buffalo.



We are sunk.

According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, the Flyers have placed Michael Leighton on reentry waivers. What does that mean? We'll let Bob explain it (NYET! NYET!– no not that Bob):

Will be interesting to see if anyone claims Leighton. Makes $1.6M next year, cap hit of $1.55. Claiming team only responsible for 50%.

If claimed, Leighton not eligible to play for new team now or in playoffs. He would be a bargain at $800K next season.


Essentially, if another team claims him, they will only have to pay him half of his $1.5 million salary. If no one picks him up… he is back on the Flyers. Here's why he is awful.

The Big Bear might be making a return. I'm sick. I'm dizzy.

Most likely the Flyers are looking for insurance, should Bob or Bouche get hurt. But there's part of me that believes – with a good performance – Leighton could be an option to replace Bouche as the backup. 

I'll happily throw in $3,000 to a fund for another team to pick him up. Who's with me?