Flyers Place Michael Leighton on Reentry Waivers

Leighton_waterGreat Photoshop from reader Dominic Perilli

UPDATE: CSN's Sarah Baicker reports that the Flyers would like to use Leighton on Friday against Buffalo.



We are sunk.

According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, the Flyers have placed Michael Leighton on reentry waivers. What does that mean? We'll let Bob explain it (NYET! NYET!– no not that Bob):

Will be interesting to see if anyone claims Leighton. Makes $1.6M next year, cap hit of $1.55. Claiming team only responsible for 50%.

If claimed, Leighton not eligible to play for new team now or in playoffs. He would be a bargain at $800K next season.


Essentially, if another team claims him, they will only have to pay him half of his $1.5 million salary. If no one picks him up… he is back on the Flyers. Here's why he is awful.

The Big Bear might be making a return. I'm sick. I'm dizzy.

Most likely the Flyers are looking for insurance, should Bob or Bouche get hurt. But there's part of me that believes – with a good performance – Leighton could be an option to replace Bouche as the backup. 

I'll happily throw in $3,000 to a fund for another team to pick him up. Who's with me?


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  1. Do we have the cap space for him? Is there a roster spot open? Who will be sent down?

  2. I like it. Leighton proved he was a good enough goalie to get us to the cup last year and now he will have a chip on his shoulder after being with the phantoms all year. I hope he gets through waivers!!!

  3. Leighton has recorded five shutouts this season with the Phantoms. Bob & Bouch have a combined total of zero shutouts.
    Just sayin’…

  4. This is merely for insurance. If the Flyers can get him up now, he will be our emergency goalie in the playoffs.
    Now say they didn’t do this, and Bob goes down midway through the 2nd round. The Flyers try to call Leights up. Some team who is still alive would gladly spend $800k to pick up Leights and force the Flyers into a tough spot. Obviously Backlund would be next in line.
    This is a smart move.

  5. Jactaid you’re an idiot … the AHL is not comparable to the NHL at all … shutouts don’t mean shit either, all that matters is getting a Win, who gives a fuck if the Flyers don’t have a shutout, they are still one of the top teams in the league.

  6. Are you kidding? Our Goalies have been playing sloppy the entire 2nd half. Bob and bouch both blow in shootouts.
    Leighton is not bad. He allows bad goals from playing too tall through the five hole.
    Bob is not as good as everyone thinks. Roman Checkmanek. All I’m saying.

  7. Hey Lauren, try laying off the crack there sweetheart and come back down here to Earth.
    A win is great and all, but there’s only been three in the last ten games and we’re only a week away from the playoffs. As Kevin stated above, this is merely an insurance policy going into those playoffs and the guy can more than hold his own behind this defensive line-up.
    And shutouts do matter in the game of hockey (I know that may be news to ya). There’s a reason why the guys with the most shutouts in hockey are the guys who will be carrying their teams into the playoffs this year (ie., Lundqvist, Thomas, Price, Bryzgalov, etc.)
    Do us all a favor and and stay away from sharp objects there pal.

  8. @MattyNest – They don’t need to be. Going back the last eight playoffs, unless you’re Detroit or Tampa, first place in the Playoffs means you don’t make the finals.

  9. I hear you bro but I was just saying that the Flyers are better than those teams. Well, at least when they are playing to potential, not right now.

  10. Hey Matty, just because they aren’t on teams that can score 6 goals a night to counter the 4 goals they allow(like our goalies), doesn’t mean they aren’t better?
    I hope Leighton starts and holds the job. Keep Bob in the AHL or something, because he is not ready.

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