Flyers Playoff Schedule

Per the Flyers, here is the first round playoff schedule.

Game 1 – Thursday, April 14th at Philadelphia, 7:30 P.M. on CSN, Versus

Game 2 – Saturday, April 16th at Philadelphia, 5 P.M. on CSN

Game 3 – Monday, April 18th at Buffalo, 7 P.M. on CSN, Versus

Game 4 – Wednesday, April 20th at Buffalo, 7:30 P.M. on CSN, Versus

Game 5 – Friday, April 22th at Philadelphia, 7:30 P.M. on CSN, Versus

Game 6 – Sunday, April 24th at Buffalo, 3 P.M. on NBC

Game 7 – Tuesday, April 26th at Philadelphia, TBD on CSN 


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  1. And ESPN has already marked the Sabres for an upset in seven games. I’m really impressed that they cranked that out so quickly.

  2. baseball will always be the best playoffs in major sports, hockey is second but the full two months though fun to watch, can be drawn out.

  3. According to the, only Game 2 and 7 will be exclusively on CSN (they call it TSN). The rest will be on either Versus, “Versus-JIP” (What the hell is JIP?) or NBC in addition to “TSN”:
    I think if you are out of the Philly market like me (in the 33139) and the game isn’t being nationally broadcasted, you can watch it online with NHL GameCenter live. I have an Internets connxn device for my big arse plasma and it has a GameCenter app/channel, so I hope I can see all the games on it if I can’t see it on a regular broadcasting medium.

  4. JIP = Joined In Progress. So basically you’ll be getting a highlight reel throughout whatever other game they’re broadcasting. I hop that doesn’t blackout the GCL.

  5. @Steve
    Soprry but the NFL has the best playoffs. One game. Win and move on. Lose and go home.
    None better.

  6. Laddie, read my posts. Games 1 and 5 will be the JIP (joined in progress) games on Versus. Meaning that they’ll show the game only when the other main game is in break. So the entire Flyers-Sabres game won’t be on Versus for G1 and G5. That is all.

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