Flyers Playoff Tickets Are Among Cheapest in League, Get Them at Crossing Broad Tickets

NHL1stPHIClearly, the West Coast loves hockey

Orange shirts, a palpable hue of anticipation, beards in full bloom, merkins out. Oh yeah, it’s playoff time.

It turns out, the Flyers playoff tickets available on the secondary market are among the cheapest in the league, with an average price of $221.

Tickets for Games 1 and 2 are as low as $60 in the second level and $103 in the first level- both below face value. We rounded them all up – as always – sortable by price and location at Crossing Broad Tickets.

Sixers tickets for as low as $21.


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  1. Wow. What world do you live in where the use of “among the cheapest in the league” is appropriate for 9th out of 16th?

  2. He shoulda said cheapest in the East. I’m surprised how cheap it is for the California teams. I thougt everything was way more expensive out there. Certainly gas and real estate are.

  3. PS: The Hab-nots should be embarrassed by how they rip-off their branleufing lackies (fans). They’re charging all that because they know it’ll be the only playoff series that they can sell seats for. Now we see why they’re still in place and in business while other Canadian teams have moved/folded.

  4. Kyle you are an idiot. The reason Flyers second hand tickets aren’t going for high $$$ is that all the people who have season tickets ARE ACTUALLY USING THEM ALREADY and aren’t offering them for resale, well, because of supply and demand. This is unlike NY, BOS, MON, and to a lesser extent PIT.
    See if all the real hockey fans (re: season ticket holders) already have the tickets in the first place, that makes second hand market demand low because they are:
    1. Not wanting to buy them because they already have them.
    2. Not putting them up for sale because of number 1 above (they are actually using them).
    3. 1 and 2 above are not mutually exclusive.

  5. @Dino thats the furthest thing from the truth. Comcast Spectacor requires full 4-game deposited on all 4 playoff series with severely staggered increasing prices.. It gets expensive as fuck.
    Actually, ALOT of season ticket holders are putting them up for sale because they want to re-coup some of the cost of the expensive seats so they can go to the games in the later rounds. Idiot

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