I had the pleasure of attending Villanova at the same time as Will Sheridan. He's most remembered for scoring the game-winning basket against Boston College in the 2006 Sweet 16. Well, he didn't actually score anything at all- BC got called for goaltending. But now we're just pickin' nit.

Sheridan was always an "artsy" type, and the fact that he has a music video comes as no surprise. Although, he doesn't always like attention, seeing as though he once chewed-out (not literally) a girl on a bus (leaving a formal), because she recognized him as being one of the 12 men on campus who routinely played a sport on national television. He didn't like that. His 6'8 frame just wanted to blend in. This was the same formal where I'm fairly certain I witnessed Mike Nardi receive a handy under a dinner table. Details. Too many details. Yeah, this video – like that visual – is frightening.

via Barstool