Former Villanovan Will Sheridan Releases One of the Oddest Music Videos You Will See

I had the pleasure of attending Villanova at the same time as Will Sheridan. He's most remembered for scoring the game-winning basket against Boston College in the 2006 Sweet 16. Well, he didn't actually score anything at all- BC got called for goaltending. But now we're just pickin' nit.

Sheridan was always an "artsy" type, and the fact that he has a music video comes as no surprise. Although, he doesn't always like attention, seeing as though he once chewed-out (not literally) a girl on a bus (leaving a formal), because she recognized him as being one of the 12 men on campus who routinely played a sport on national television. He didn't like that. His 6'8 frame just wanted to blend in. This was the same formal where I'm fairly certain I witnessed Mike Nardi receive a handy under a dinner table. Details. Too many details. Yeah, this video – like that visual – is frightening.

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  1. Well, that was certainly….interesting.
    I was half expecting a hip-hop remake of the Guns N’ Roses hit, not this rambling train wreck. I hope Will has a steady job because he sure as hell ain’t gonna cut it as an entertainer.

  2. Will Sheridan who has a known history of being on the “down low” finally showing his true colors you go girl!

  3. Now “Friday” will be replaced by another terrible song to be forever stuck in my head. Wonderful.

  4. GROWN man, SIMBA, lion bahahaha
    I don’t know what’s more awkward, the video or the song.

  5. Lisa: I beg to differ. NOTHING can be as bad as “Friday”! Not even this messterpiece.

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