Game 1: Do It

We’re on a very drunken (and steamy) bus to D.C. for the invasion of Nats Park. Fully expect a hearty cheer to go up when the Flyers score. Let’s go Flyers. Make history.


8 Responses

  1. The broadcast just mentioned that the crowd gave Jayson Werth the loudest boos of the 3-game series. Must be your busload making their presence felt.

  2. flyers deserved to get boooooooooooooooooooooed last night. playing like sh*t for the last 6 weeks

  3. Dear Fair Weather Fans That Think The Flyers Played Bad Last Night,
    You are fucking morons. The boys played the most consistent 60 minutes of hockey since I can’t even fucking remember. Ryan Miller was just really good last night, and Danny Syvret made a defensive mistake that led to the goal. With Pronger in instead of Syvret, and Zherdev in for that god forsaken shitbird Nodl, that was a win.
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Bobert Smith, the eternal asshole towards all fair weather douchebag “fans”
    P.S.: Go back to watching the Phillies, we don’t need you as Flyers “fans”.

  4. Flyers did play really good last night. Only thing I could say is it seemed that as the game went on, Buffalo started getting the better checks. Just outstanding play by Miller. Gotta figure out a way to beat him.

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