Holmgren Chews Out Team

Paul_holmgrenHaving this guy back would help, too

Holmer is mad, real mad. Joe Jackson.

Somebody needs to wake the Flyers up. They are now in second place in the conference, a spot which may actually be better for them. If the season were to end today, they would play Buffalo, who currently holds the 7th seed (Rangers are 8th). However, they are only one point ahead of the Penguins. If the Flyers were to finish second in the division, they would drop to the fourth seed and likely play the Lightning in the first round of the playoffs. Nobody wants that- especially Paul Holmgren: [Philly.com]

Multiple team sources told the Daily News that Holmgren held a brief but very poignant closed-door meeting with all of the Flyers' players and coaches before their practice yesterday at the Skate Zone.

"I'd say it was pretty standard for something like that this time of year," one source said. "But he was pretty angry."

It was Holmgren's first meeting of that nature with the team this season, sources said. He is usually calm and reserved.

Holmgren, according to sources, spoke about the need for the Flyers to win puck battles during the game and compete, something they've done little of during the final quarter of the season.


It's getting close to panic time. What at first seemed like a late-season lull, now seems like a collapse. 

Deep breath, folks. Deep breath.


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  1. Everybody can yell and be angry, but it’s the players that have to change things. And fast.

  2. And if the players, for whatever reason, don’t have it in them to “change things”, what then? This team has worried me with their inconsistent play for a month now, if those players think they can simply flick a switch and turn into lifetakers and heartbreakers once the playoffs start, then they’re kidding themselves.

  3. I wouldn’t want to see Holmer mad. Probably makes Bruce Banner look like a little green colored cream-puff.
    I hope he named names…

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