Introducing Philly Fan Deals

We're a full-service blog.

Those of you who bought tickets to our tailgate may have noticed, a site powered by Crossing Broad and Philly Sports Daily. 

Running a blog for a living has its pros and cons. One of those cons is trying to attain sponsorship from local advertisers. While our friends from BC Sports, Philly Phaithful, McFadden's, Tiq IQ and others have experienced great results from working with us, many advertisers are hesitant to shell out large sums of money to a "blog." In this "show me first" economy we live in, retailers are generally hesitant to advertise – even to a highly targeted audience – without some guarantee of a return on their investment. That is the reason sites like Groupon and Living Social have become so popular.

Advertisers offer-up their products at a strong discount (one which they determine ahead of time) and allow those sites to promote them on their behalf. The end goal is bring new customers through the door. It works for all involved. The customer gets a great deal, the advertiser is guaranteed a return on their investment (a new customer), and the hosting website gets a small commission for referring the business. Everybody's back gets scratched.

So that has led us to launching Philly Fan Deals. It functions the same as described above, only every deal is targeted to you, the Philly sports fan. I mean, after all, you can only get so many massages. PFD will feature deals from local sports bars and restaurants, teams, and other recreational outlets. Basically, businesses in which you're the customer.

Most of those deals will feature offers for at least 50% off- instant discounts.

As we ramp up, we might not have a new deal every day or week, but the end goal is to offer you discounts on a daily basis. We will tell you about each new deal, and you will always see the current deal over there on the right rail. Just give it a click.

You buy the deal, get a print out, and bring it into the restaurant, store, or venue for the discount. Very simple.

Fill out your email address and we'll alert you each time a new deal is posted- no spam. Just deals. 

Give it a look:

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Today's deal is $10 for $20 worth of food and drink at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery in King of Prussia. 50% off on freshly cooked food and brewed beers. Sounds good.