Jackass Mets Fan Takes on Kids in Run the Bases Game at CBP

Just when you thought it couldn't get any douchier, our friends over at AlmightyPhilly.com sent us this video of a 30-year-old (ish) Mets fan challenging little kids in novelty game.

Couple of things:

– Is that a Fanta in his hand?

– The douchey I'm going to let these kids win and fist bump them while making it look like I'm really running approach. Stop it.

– Nice sneaks.

I was half expecting him to drop to his knees and pull off the old Power Pad move in which you pound feverishly with your fists so you can beat Bobcat.


9 Responses

  1. He would have stonewashed jeans on. Jesus Christ the scum of the earth roots for that team.

  2. What a douche. Even if he had a Phils jersey on he’d be a douche. How many besides me wanted his soda to explode in his face from him shaking the shit out of it!?!?

  3. Eh. He looks like an idiot but it wasn’t like he was picking on kids. All in good fun. Who cares?

  4. KYLE CARES, Natalie. If it’s not someone blowing our pitchers, Kyle HATES IT, and will post about it.

  5. He played a game with kids and let the kids win. Whoever thinks this guy is a “douche” probably has never had kids or knows how to interact with them. Philly “fans” do waaayyy worse stuff than this.

  6. did anyone see the douche mets fans who ran on the field tuesday night (the 7-1 loss) and ran to second base slid in and sat there on his knees waving his arms back and forth as in a “safe” motion…thats a douche

  7. Thank god I was busy pitching a gem and didn’t see this douche in action. Yes Larry, he’s a douche.

  8. So what? Looks like he was just playing around. He wasn’t smack talking kids or anything.

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