Lindy Ruff and Ryan Miller Whine


My vagina, it hurts

Oh look, the tables have turned. It’s now Lindy Ruff and the Sabres who are whining. 

Both Ruff and lead-blower Ryan Miller are pissed that Mike Richards only got two minutes for his hit on Tim Connolly.


Tim’s not doing very good. I’ve watched it. I think it’s something the league definitely has to take a look at. It’s a lack of respect for another player on the ice, it’s from behind, it’s head first into the boards. That’s a tough play. We lost a good player.



Before we get any further, I’d just like to add one thing: If Mike Richards thinks we’re getting away with murder, I don’t know what he just got away with. Mass murder? [nice joke, asshole] Are we stepping it up a notch? Unbelievable. We lose a player for the rest of the game… that’s the kind of hit the league has been talking about, and it’s dangerous. They better seriously consider looking at that one. It’s unbelievable.


Here, I’m going to translate that for you:


Stop whining. Maybe stop blowing two and three goal leads, too (well, don’t).

Richards’ hit was dirty, but he was penalized for it. In the playoffs, you’re going to have to do much more than that to get suspended. He guided Connolly into the boards and Connolly ducked. The first thing you’re taught playing hockey is to never duck when going into the boards. As awful as it sounds, it was partially his own fault.

As for Miller, does he not look like Cole Hamels’ unfortunate twin? He has the general appearance of the Phillies' ace, only there's an oogly eye, a horrible new beard (unlike Cole’s goatee), a receding Jim Carrey side part, and an I used to squeal on the cool kids who copied my answers cadence which dwarfs any past whining we’ve seen from Hamels. Good Christ, Ryan. Man up.

You can watch Miller’s post game comments after the jump. Look at that little valley girl head shake at the 47 second mark. I’m fully endorsing the distribution of 3,000 tampons to the folks seated behind Miller’s net in warmups.



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  1. They were in the hole and they kept “cumming.” Score. Ryan Miller lost all of my respect from the Olympics there….what a shit interview.

  2. Yo, Lindy! Who’s whining now? Yo, Ryan! You want murder? Let me drop you off in West Philly after dark and see how long you last! Talk about pathetic!

  3. Hamels has Heidei. Miller has that pathetic excuse for some facial hair.
    And all the pathetic Bufaloo Bitching is just a symptom of their impending exit from their playoffs.
    And although I could care less for them as a team, and I sincerely hope Connolly really does make a complete recovery (after the series), his injury looks to be a good thing for them, as they can get somebody else who’s better in his place, the shytty way he’s been playing all series.

  4. waaaaa, waaaaaaaa, how is it that this wuss is even that good? last week he was tearing up at the thought of people talking about him and now this nonsense? him and lindsey are perfect for each other. maybe lindsey should hook him up (if he’s into guys) with his daughter, she seems to be quite popular.

  5. Ryan miller must wear the worlds largest cup! The fucking balls on this fucking guy to cry about anything? the goalie that whacks knees when someone is near the crease, punches dan carcillo in the face and has his wanna goons cross check and slash people when ever the flyers get in “his space”… I mean there is a puck in between his legs that is not completly covered and THE WHISTLE HAS NOT BLOWN you try to jab that loose puck into the FUCKING NET… you do that to Ryan “Heavy Day” Miller and he calls the ref over to tell him he wants a quicker whistle, as not to rip his maxi pad!!!!! FUCK YOU, YOU DICK NOSED ASSHOLE!
    One more thing, i know its not NYC(Mets/Yanks/Rangers/Giants) but Fuck NY, the entire state!

  6. Hamels is the cool jock brother who slays vag left and right. Miller is the creepy step-brother who cries a lot and does sad emo abstract art in the basement and masturbates using his own tears as lubricant

  7. Somebody call the wahhmbulance… we got a critical condition for the goalie. Somebody get me penis and a pair of balls STAT!

  8. That could be fun – get the tampon through the net behind the goal. We will be sitting behind the goal to the side a bit – maybe I can take a box of tampons with me!

  9. I still can’t get over this comment:
    “I don’t like to use the word momentum, because momentum is a physics/science term and it doesn’t exist in sports.”
    You. Are. Retarded.

  10. If they think we are a bunch of whiners, I don’t know what they were doing. Bitching? Moaning? a combination of both? Hypocrites.

  11. “I don’t like to use the word momentum, because momentum is a physics/science term and it doesn’t exist in sports.”
    This… And his eye… Gawd, let this series be over so I don’t need to see Miller’s face again…

  12. Momentum is the single most appropriate word for sports as it drives many teams and players into continuing positive play.
    …..Miller IS really as dumb as he looks…sad sad sad…

  13. You know, I just feel that like um like we really should have like um like won the game. But if like um Mike um Richards like um didn’t hurt my um boyfriend then um like we like might not have um like blew a like um 3 goal lead. Unbelievable. The league has to take a look at that. That’s dangerous. We better seriously consider not blowing away a 3 goal lead. Unbelievable.

  14. yeah okay miller, sorry the refs didn’t give you EVERY call this time around. but yeah, it’s okay for YOU and your players to punch us after/during play, sure. fuck you, girly piece of trash.

  15. ryan miller… disgrace lanny mcdonald and dave babych and the world of moustaches for that matter. not only is your moustache horrible and sidney crosby like (kinda like your bitching) but to have a moustache brings with it certain responsibilities, one of them is being a fucking man and not bitching. grow up youre a hockey player deal with it. its the playoffs and anybody that knows anything about hockey knows: the officiating is always gonna be horrible. in the playoffs murder is a requirement for a penalty to be called. in OT in the playoffs, throw rules out the window. so yeah maybe richards got away with something. so does your team and so did you ryan (punch to carcillos face and kick while he was down….fucking scumbag).
    Good Night.

  16. Bet you wished Miller was your goalie don’t ya?
    Hey Adam, come to Buffalo and I will show you around town you classless piece of crap

  17. More classless comments from guys who have probably never played anything in their lives. Miller’s sideburns and mustache (also being worn by several other Sabres) are the “Rico-look” – a tribute to Rick Martin, left wing of the French Connection who died in March. Better hope that Rico is not sitting on Miller’s shoulder tomorrow night.
    67% of the national fans voting on the Hockey News website believe Richards should have been suspended for tomorrow’s game. He was at least smart enough to shut up.

  18. @coldiscool – hey asshole! ive played hockey since i was 5 years old so assuming that ive never played hockey is just ignorant. so for that go fuck yourself. 2 miller is bitching about nothing, connolly turned into the hit and ducked (ie – he did it to himself.) watch the game and drop your fucking biased ass buffalo viewpoint douchebag. and about his mustache – its fucking disgraceful (as per my sidney crosby comment) its not even close to a glorious manly moustache. so props for doing something nice for a buffalo icon, however minus points for doing it half assedly

  19. We’re getting points for comments?
    Hahahahahah. The Only momentum Miller will have after tomorrow will be that of his golf cart when it rolls on a downhill fairway. Hahahahahahah.
    That’s it! Next time I’m going to make a tee time I’ll tell everyone “it’s Miller time”! Hahahahahahah
    Isn’t “Bufaloo” an old American Indian word for “weepy vagina” anyway? Hahahahahahahahah
    How many points did I get now? Hahahahahahahahahah

  20. @iron balls mcginty – you get points for ur name being iron balls mcginty, more points for saying the fairway hill joke, and points for your ability to translate native american language

  21. @ johnny rockets
    Richards is known for be a cheap shot artist so don’t blame Connoly for getting hurt. If Richards arms were not extended driving him to the boards you might have a case. It is over and again the chicken shit NHL did nothing because of who it was. If that was Kaleta hitting girly Briere he would have been suspeneded for at least game 7. Hell Richards should have been suspended for his elbow on Kaleta

  22. @Iron Balls – points for “weepy vagina”
    @Dick Tumor (thats you jeff) – if you read my first post (which you probly didnt cuz youre fucking ignorant to how the sport of hockey is played) ill say it again “its the playoffs and anybody that knows anything about hockey knows: the officiating is always gonna be horrible. in the playoffs murder is a requirement for a penalty to be called. in OT in the playoffs, throw rules out the window. so yeah maybe richards got away with something.” the sabres have been getting away with a lot worse (checking o’donnel into an open door ring a bell? or how bout opening a door on zherdev so he falls into it? i could go on) stop whining about 1 hit and accept that its playoff hockey.
    if you ever watched/played hockey before youd know that to be 100% accurate. obviously you havent cuz youre bitching about 1 little hit. its a rough sport if you cant stand the heat get outta the kitchen. welcome to playoff hockey buffalo, i know its not something you guys experience all the time. mediocrity is kind of the norm up there isnt it?

  23. @Iron Balls – points for the “in Weepy Vagina” and the sheep video
    @johnnyrockets27 – points for dick tumor

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