Lindy Ruff Thinks The Flyers Are Whining Too Much

Go screw, Lindy.

Here's what Lindy Ruff had to say about the Sabres "getting away with murder" last night. Count the whinings.

I just feel they're doing a lot of whining. They're really doing a lot of whining. I didn't hear any whining when they had 10 powerplays in Philly and I didn't hear any whining when the powerplays in the first game were lopsided. But all of a sudden there's all this whining about we're getting away with murder. That's a bunch of crap. That's for the media, that's for the officials to read. Here, let's get the next call. That's a bunch of crap. Let's just play.

We're just playing. There hasn't been one word about the officiating out of us. But if they want to cry about the officiating and whine about different calls, go ahead. Go ahead.


Six. Six whinings. Duh, whining!

Mike Richards responded: [Philly Sports Daily]

“That’s fine, that’s fine,” Richards said, whose squad dropped Game 4 to lock the series at two apiece coming back to Philadelphia. “We’re focused on tomorrow night. [Ruff] seems to have a way with the media and does the same thing every time his team is in the playoffs. We’re focused on tomorrow and getting a good start and getting hits on their skill players. We’re not worried about the other stuff.”


The Flyers are going to murder the Sabres tomorrow.

Here's the audio. Fun starts around the 3:30 mark.


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  1. I love this “We’re just playing. There hasn’t been one word about the officiating out of us”. Yeah no shit sherlock, it’s easy to say that when all the calls are going your way.

  2. 67 PIM for the sabres
    52 for the flyers.
    the refs are really handing this one over to the sabres alright

  3. Oh shut the fuck up. Noone from Buffalo should talk about someone else whining. “His skate was in the crease wahhhh…The puck went through the side of the net wahhh” Go watch water fall off a cliff, or whatever the fuck it is that you do in that depressed, economic joke of a city.

  4. I was at the game last night and it was a shit show. They tried to tell me how the Flyers play dirty and after being in that stadium in Buffalo I have no problem in saying that half of their fans dont even know hockey. Sure Miller could probably play an entire game being a goalie while doing a head stand but without him they are shit.

  5. Flyers are whining too much? Lindy Ruff is breathing too much, die you asswipe, congrats on having a team that would be nothing without Ryan Miller, he’s just mad that his daughter got eiffel-towered by some frat guys at Temple U last weekend.

  6. It’s damned easy for Lindy to talk shit after having won last night. But if the Flyers had put Buffalo in a 3-1 hole, HE’D be the one whining like a baby.

  7. When was that picture taken….. when the tweaker broke into a house to steal xmas presents for his kids?! on to the next one.

  8. Lindy looks like he has a herpe on his lip. He can shut the Fuck up and go back to licking grundles.

  9. Jokes on him because his daughter wouldn’t stop whining when I decided to stop fucking her daily when I found out her dad is the biggest pussy in the world

  10. Wow these comments got a little crazy, did make me laugh. “jeff” is already whining about the comments surely he also must be a sabres fan, or at the very least a Philly hater…which in any event means he leads a sad sad life.
    Game was unfair and officials gave Sabres a 6th man quite a few times…their first (and only) goal was legit no issues with that. We needed to score, but being down a man several times and not getting calls when we should have, def tipped scales in BUFF favor…payback TONIGHT!

  11. Its tough to win a playoff game when you don’t score a goal. Don’t know what the refs had to do with that. Oh wait, yeah i do, NOTHING! Seems like the Flyers aren’t the only ones whining, just read these comments! The Flyers certainly aren’t at fault for playing .500 hockey the last 5 weeks, it must be THE REFS! Give me a break.

  12. What a retard! It’s a little tough to score when you’re wasting all of your time on the pk. Do you even watch hockey?

  13. Joke of City? Don’t know hockey? All you Philly people do is cuss, make threats, and complain! Typically about your own player for every sport in your town. I don’t see any great hockey minds posting on this page there in Philly. Not surprised. Aren’t most of your writing from weekend lock-up? How many goalie changes are you going to have this series? Three goalies with confidence issues is always a good thing in a playoff series. Peter loves the sparks! But Pronger’s coming back, he is coming, and everyone in the NHL look out! Everyone knows Philly has fans that live to act like thugs at sporting events and whine because they are not on the same level with NYC and Boston when it comes to Championships. We are laughing hard here in Boston. Your team backed into the playoffs with a record built early in the year. Weak goaltending is is your mindset the last three years, because you give up on the ones that got your there….three playoff years in a row…started with Biron. At least the Sabres fought like mad for their playoff spot. As a matter of fact you girls were to afraid to attack them and played safe in your last regualr season game in Buffalo. Don’t worry, since you can’s handle the little Buffalo’s the real Bruiser’s here Boston will finish them off on ourway to pick-up Lord Stanley. The Penguins are the only team that’s a threat in the Keystone state this year.

  14. Hey how did that pay back go last night in Philly?
    Maybe Peter can coax {arent to put the pads on for game 6 in Buffalo? Maybe get some fog machines going out on the ice and bring back memories of the 74 and 75 glory years for Philly fans. Those were the days my friends. That would be a MIRACLE!

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