Lindy Ruff’s Daughter, Likely Drunk, Wearing Flyers Hat


Here's a pic emailed to me by reader David (also appears on Barstool) of someone who is supposedly Lindy Ruff's daughter…wearing a Flyers hat. Quick Google: Lindy Ruff has a daughter, Eryn. Facebook: Eryn Ruff. Boom, this:



Yep that's her. I feel dirty just posting these.

According to Facebook, she is 22 and goes to Pitt. No idea why – or when – she was at a Temple party, but I'm guessing it was recently.

You can view the rest of her photos for yourself here. I'm not sure daddy would approve of her profile picture. Or her new hat.

By the way, if anyone wants to print out that first picture of Ruff on giant poster board and bring it to The Well, email me.


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  1. The most terrifying thing is her age compared to graduation year. She’s 22 according to Facebook and just graduated High school in 2009. I’m 22 (a mere 3 weeks older than the Ruff in question)and graduated high school in 2006. Maybe the smarts didn’t trickle down the Ruff family tree….

  2. “You can view the rest of her photos for yourself here.”
    No photos, no can do. Broken?
    What you show up top though looks like it might be fotochopped, and I don’t even need to take my whiskey glasses of to see it may not be jenuin.
    And yes, jeepers-creepers behind her may give me nightmairs if I don’t pass-out first (hard for me to do). Maybe he’s a descendent of one of those vampires that Abraham Lincoln didn’t kill but should have:

  3. She is wearing the worst fitting hat ever & looks like she’s easy to get into the sack

  4. Why did she graduate high school when she was 21? I guess she had a RUFF time with the books hey-OO!!

  5. im all for ripping apart athletes and coaches and all, but let the familys live their lives man

  6. the girl is a 22 year old student she shouldnt have to worry about going out and being ripped apart by a blog…getting her facebook pictures and posting them on his blog is just creepy

  7. So is the website Barstool why that asshat at the Phillies game last night had that “viva la stool” sign? I wanted to punch that kid really hard in the face.

  8. Agree with Mike. One or two pics are funny, but linking to her Facebook is a little low. Let the creepers out there stalk her on their own.
    BTW, I’d DEFINITELY hit it.

  9. It’s a public profile and there’s nothing really wrong or bad about her page or pics. Just funny. See nothing wrong with it. She’s 22 and should be smart enough to block her pictures with a public father like that.

  10. It isnt stalking its taking public knowledge and highlighting it…relax pussies….christ!

  11. Y’all are a bunch of losers. This is a total non-issue. Leave people’s families alone, he’s not a politician or running a charity. This is disgusting.

  12. -John, Aaron called you a pussy.
    -Aaron, John said you’re disgusting.
    The old john wouldn’t put up with that and the old Aaron definitely would have done more than just call names.

  13. I’m just weirded out by the fact I agree with someone who posted as “Oprah’s Anal Beads”

  14. Another scumbag move from the lowest of the low blogs. Thank God you’re out there speaking truth to power — those 22 year old trollops!
    Might want to think twice about that “likely drunk” thing — defamation much?

  15. she’s probably just smart enough to lie about her age when her father is a prominent NHL coach and photos like this are circulating the internet

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