"So… you wanna go meet AI at Friday's?"

It may be a frustrating close to the regular season for the Sixers, as a couple of players are banged up from injuries. The most concerning, however, involves their sixth man Lou Williams. He strained his right hamstring on Friday night.

Hamstring injuries are touch-and-go, so it's always hard to tell how long a player an land on the bench, but Lou shared the following with Kate Fagan of the Inquirer, and it's not encouraging:


Williams is averaging almost 14 points a game and he's a fourth-quarter monster for the Sixers. This would have been an easier injury to handle a few months ago. Timing is a real bitch.

With a playoff spot already clinched, the Sixers will have to hope that Williams will be able to get enough rest to play his usual role late in games when the postseason rolls around.

Here's to "hoping".