Michael Vick Has Advanced to the Third Round of Madden Cover Voting

OK, this is getting real. Do we really want to see Micahel Vick on the cover of Madden?

Forget about the fact that EA Sports will have a PR nightmare on its hands – PETA is already protesting – as a superstitious person, I'd really appreciate if our quarterback could avoid the jinx.

Count me as voting for his competitor, Patrick Willis. You can do the same here. Sorry, Mike.


10 Responses

  1. A question: if this upcoming season is cancelled, would he be a candidate for the ’13 cover? Now that’s REAL superstition!

  2. Sooo when Madden 12 comes out, will the roster updates have Moises Fokou measuring the rest of the team for their off field attire? Will your objectives as Vick be to avoid all late night parties? Madden’s gotta stay true to the real life right?

  3. If EA had a problem why didn’t they just pick someone else for the contest, im sure DeSean Jackson would have as good a chance to advance.

  4. vick was the best and most dominant player in the nfl last year. this leads to the perfect credentials for a madden cover. Last 2 years, polamalu, fitzgerald and brees, 3 players that dominated the league. Ray lewis was on the cover in 2005, and he reportedly killed a human being! a man with 2 legs! who had a family! just saying…

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