Michael Vick Sports Witness Shirt, Ashy Elbows on ESPN

Vick_witnessI bet you never thought you'd see Michael Vick playing Hungry Hungry Hippos on national television

Michael Vick, at ESPN for today's 4:30 announcement of the Madden cover winner (likely Vick), was on First Take this morning. Not only did he sport a Witness t-shirt in honor of LeBron James, but he also had ashy elbows.


What's a brotha gotta do to get his team to moisten up his ashy elbows? SMH.

Where's the love…

… for the Sixers? Unlike JVR, Mike Vick doesn't care about repping his current city. Truth.

As you may remember, Vick is also boys with Kobe. Nike love.

Watch him talk about his shirt and Nike… and LeBron hitting game-winning shots… and advancing to the second round…. after the jump.


9 Responses

  1. All that money Vick has, and he could afford any Gold Bond lotion for those elbows? Tsk on him.

  2. So I guess we’re gonna start ripping on Mike Vick now on crossingbroad right? I mean we do it to Richards non stop. Mike vick wears a shirt for the opposing team in his CITY’s series. God forbid Mike Richards wears a yankees hat

  3. As long as they win, i don’t care who they like, who they hang out with, what they wear, or whatever else they do. Just win.

  4. Honestly, is he supposed to be reppin an igoudala shirt? I wouldn’t even do that…but Richard’s yankee’s hat is still lame.

  5. Concentrate on the real scandal. New picture posted above of Vick exploiting starving animals for his own entertainment. Poor, poor, hungry, hungry hippos.

  6. How is a Richards yankees hat lame, but a Vick Witness shirt not? Talk about double standards

  7. Likely Vick? Apparently Vick is a giant white HB from Cleveland. Yeeeeaaahhhh Avalanche!

  8. vick is allowed to do whatever he wants except go to jail in my book. Anyone who scores 21 points in 8 mins at the meadowlands to win the game can piss on the rocky statue for all i care.

  9. Too bad those 21points in the final 8 was the last Eagles win.he likes Lebron because they are both regular season heroes, but playoff choke artists.

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