Vick_witnessI bet you never thought you'd see Michael Vick playing Hungry Hungry Hippos on national television

Michael Vick, at ESPN for today's 4:30 announcement of the Madden cover winner (likely Vick), was on First Take this morning. Not only did he sport a Witness t-shirt in honor of LeBron James, but he also had ashy elbows.


What's a brotha gotta do to get his team to moisten up his ashy elbows? SMH.

Where's the love…

… for the Sixers? Unlike JVR, Mike Vick doesn't care about repping his current city. Truth.

As you may remember, Vick is also boys with Kobe. Nike love.

Watch him talk about his shirt and Nike… and LeBron hitting game-winning shots… and advancing to the second round…. after the jump.