MLB Network Speculates Wildly and Maturely About Roy Oswalt’s Back

The audio is very low, pump up the volume

I just want to be sure here. Roy Oswalt pitched six shutout innings last night, giving up one hit, striking out seven, walking only two, and throwing 73 of 106 pitches for strikes. Those are like… facts, right?

At first it seemed like Harold Reynolds and Larry Bowa were joking, considering Oswalt's impressive performance, but it was the second time they mentioned him looking like he was in pain.

He did look a bit, um, stiff to me. However, if he pitches like that (perhaps with a lower pitch count) every time out there, he can be stiff every day of the week… or at least every fifth day. TWSS.

H/T to Dan, who is killing it this week on the tips and grabs, the Ts and Gs, if you will


3 Responses

  1. So he waves off the catcher, fields the ball properly and throws to first without a problem. How is that a sign of a bad back?
    Reynolds is an idiot. This is what’s wrong with sports coverage. They have nothing to say about a routine play so become doctors/chirporactors to make a boring out seem interesting.

  2. So I’m going to put my faith in the opinion of a dork like Reynolds who was given the boot by ESPN because he couldn’t keep little Harold in his pants? And the next lucid comment Larry Bowa makes will be his first. Give me a break.

  3. You’re such a dooshy vag who needs to “lay off their dicks”. If you listened to them for longer than this clip you would have known they were being tong-n-cheek.
    You’re just jealous that they’re just better at sports-casting as a second career than you could be as a blogger for you main career. And they were better athletes than you could ever dream of.

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