One Trick Pony My Ass: Roy Oswalt Edition

In the never ending quest to prove Pat Jordan (NY Times writer who said the Phillies aces were "one trick ponies") wrong and document all of the weapons available to the Four Aces, we bring you the latest installment of "OTPMA," which looks sort of like an acronym for a rare condition affecting menopausal women.

Today, Bud Black talks about Roy Oswalt, who threw six scoreless innings last night with a tender back: []

"His fastball had some life on it and he spotted it in and out of the strike zone," Black said. "He used four pitches and used them all effectively. He used all his weapons."

"I usually throw a slider one way and I threw it a different way," said Oswalt, showing his normal slider grip and the grip he used in the final pitch to Cantu. "I spiked it."


Fastball, four weapons, spiked slider. This one trick pony just busted out a harmonica and played Taps to PJ's piece.

H/T to (@SHBazTBone) for the quote

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6 Responses

  1. not sure what he meant by our guys being one trick ponies. Surely he knew that all of them possess plus-plus stuff on more than one pitch. And exactly how long do they have to dominate baseball for them to be considered good by this guy? Halladay and Oswalt have been awesome for almost 10 years….Lee for 5, Hamels WS MVP. Bah, i’m done thinking about this.

  2. Never mind the fact that Oswalt pitched exceptionally well with a tender back and was keeping the opposing team’s bats quiet. The fact that he can take one of his pitches and just switch the grip on it and throw for effectiveness makes him at least a 7 or 8 trick pony. And in my book that is one talented pony.

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