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No surprise here. Forbes released its list of “America’s Favorite Mascots,” and the Phanatic came in at number one:

This year's survey, conducted by The Marketing Arm's Davie Brown Index, measured pro sports mascots on four key attributes: awareness, appeal, entertainment value and team identification (the degree to which consumers are able to associate a mascot with the team it represents). Following the Phanatic and Chicken, whose winning scores were driven most by high national awareness and entertainment numbers: the Milwaukee Brewers' Racing Sausages (very entertaining), the New York Mets' Mr. Met (not so entertaining, but highly likable) and the Phoenix Suns' Gorilla (the first popular slam-dunking NBA mascot who's still going strong).


The fifth key was Lady PhaPha impersonations, no doubt. And I have to admit… I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Met…

Speaking of big time… J-Roll™ will be featured on HBO’s Real Sports tonight at 10 P.M. had a story on it this morning, including this tidbit and awful pun from Keith Gabriel:

Also revealed is the little-known fact that, as a teen, J-Roll was featured in a music video and was a backup dancer in a few of rapper M.C. Hammer's.

Tonight's segment provides insight as to why J-Roll, in his 11th season in Philadelphia, has been too legit too quit.


Heyyo. You can watch it tonight, after Doc crushes on the Brewers.