Philly Phaithful Shows Up in ESPN The Magazine

Our friends from Philly Phaithful appear in the most recent issue of ESPN The Magazine (on newsstands today). Their "Bob Says Nyet" shirt is part of a feature on "trash-talking" NHL t-shirts.

Congrats to our friends on the free pub. Speaking of pub…

You can take 10% off their new "K Lot All-Stars" tailgating t-shirt with code cb10. It is good now through end of day Sunday.

You can shop them all right here.



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    Your coupon is not valid
    CB Reader Special
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  2. Sorry for the issue guys–we had a technical problem on our website. The coupon code is now functional and you shouldn’t have any issues.
    Email me directly at and I’ll make sure to take care of your order personally.
    Thanks for your patience.

  3. “Sid Vicious”?
    If I were a Penqueen homer I’d be embarrassed by them putting their top guy’s head on a little dead pencil twerp’s body. However, that may explain why he got so easily beaned in the noodle-bong.

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