Phils Get Shutout, Ryan Howard Drops an F Bomb

This was pretty much the highlight of last night's game. Bad Ryan.



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  1. Why did you delete my comment? The Fightins had it up last night and you didn’t credit them. You would say the same if sommeont stole your stuff

  2. this is getting annoying. why would he credit them? Do they own Youtube? Do they own Ryan Howard? please dude, stop. NOBODY CARES.

  3. (VagJay)Jay, Cliff was waving that finger at you.
    I heard that last night but was looking at the hockey game screen when it happened. I thought it was somebody in the TV directors’ booth who had their intercom mic switched to the broadcast audio, since it wasn’t the first time shyte like that happened.
    So will Wheels get fined by the FCC now?

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