Ryan Miller Continues to Whine

Ryan_miller_picYep, that's Ryan Miller (pic via this chick's Flickr stream)


Ryan Miller didn’t like the NHL’s decision not to punish Mike Richards for his hit on Tim Connolly:

I’m pretty upset. Still upsetting. The guy who was complaining the most about how we were getting away with murder has delivered two of the dirtiest hits of the series. Blatant elbow to the face, which is something the league said they were going to try to take away, and driving Tim Connolly head first into the boards. It wasn’t just a hit, it was a push. It was blatant.

I don’t know, I don’t know where to go with this one, because, at the same time, it’s a tough game, its rough. You know Richards wants to win. It’s not lost on me that he’s a hard competitor, but I just think that was reckless. And it just kind of irked me how he’s talking about how we’re getting away with stuff, when – I mean both sides are getting away with pushing – I mean, it’s just more annoying than anything to hear that come out of a good player's mouth.


You’re annoying, Ryan.

Ville Leino was asked about Danny Briere’s second intermission speech today. He said he wasn’t listening. Heh.

via the Flyers

Q: Do you recall what Danny said before the start of the third period? 

“I don’t really listen that much always.  I’m in my own little world out there, but I remember he was giving a speech out there. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t really listen to it.  I’m sure it was good.”


Audio of Ms. Miller after the jump.



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  1. Cut Miller some slack its the cramps and major yeast infection that has him so bitchy!

  2. when you are getting lit up for 4-5 goals a night(minus the shutouts which Boucher played as good), maybe you should focus on improving in the net and not on the airwaves. Its all right. Miller won’t be heard from again til October after tomorrow.

  3. Did Miller even see the tape from the first hit that he talks about like he was right there? Obviously not!!!! What an idiot!! To him, defending yourself from being boarded by Kaleta the Kunt, is a suspendable offense, but cheap shots after every whistle (the cheap shots he takes at every flyer within 3 feet of him, ie Carcillo) are perfectly normal.
    You’re a big man Miller, Mr. Cheapshot artist!!!! If only you could get past the fact that 95% of the country except for buffalo hates you for choking away the American Gold medal in Vancouver!!!!! I just don’t see it happening, that’s tough to overcome for a loser like you

  4. Seriously, we should arrange a mass tampon/maxi pad toss (hat trick style) onto the ice the first goal scored on Miller in game 7.

  5. It’s funny that Leino was just like yeah epic speech but i wasn’t paying attention at all lol, whatever works Villedelphia

  6. Hahahahahahah ponyboy! Stay Golden. Speaking of gold, I bet that’s reely why Ryanna really mad at Richie. Hahahahahahah, second-rate pussy goalkeeper. Hahahahahahah.

  7. Another thing, I keep seeing everybody mentioning about the delay of the call, like in the above article Laddie-Boy linked: “The call wasn’t made until Connolly didn’t immediately get up.”
    I don’t really think Connolly not getting up influenced the refs decision to make a call. If you look at the vid the ref was skating backwards ad changing directions, and he kinda had to put his arms out when he stopped so he can keep his balance. Hence, the delay. He did make the right call at two minutes. Pretty good for a dude to do all that at once (he can’t be influenced by replays).
    I have a hard time just wanking and breathing at the same time, and this guy can’t skate, be very observant, and blow a whistle without falling over in the ice.

  8. Yo, Ryan, you should follow the sage advice of the late Orson Welles who said in a commerical, we shall sell no whine before it’s time.

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