Danny_briere_ryan_millerYo, Ryan

Today after practice, reporters asked Sabres goalie Ryan Miller if his former teammate, Briere, has been able to get into his head. Miller laughed it off.

Reporter: I talked to Briere, he said I’ll talk to him [Miller], I’ll try, but I’m not going to get in his head.

Ryan Miller: It’s all fluff coming from him, the amount of years we’ve known each other… you can’t automatically hit a light switch and be a hardass to me.


No, but ripping the back of the net will work just fine, Ryan.

When he gets the better of me, it's the headline, even though he gets however many chances. But I try to hold my ground, get in his face. That's what you have to do with Danny: Hold your ground and make him work.


Audio [6:30 mark] via Sabres.com