Buffalonians Convey Their Dismay.. On Their Facebook Pages

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39 Responses

  1. “Philadelphia fans are the worst fans in sports”
    Ha! My ass. These people are both pathetic, and deranged. Enjoy the off-season losers.
    Go Flyers.

  2. Hm? Maybe the Sabs could’ve won if they played a more disciplined game… Oh wait, the Flyers PP went 2 for 26 before Pronger came back… Yeah, you guys got beaten pretty squarely.

  3. Yea because Buffalo didn’t throw ANY cheap hits around in this series. Flyers really came out to play in game 7 though and if they keep that up we will have a great shot.

  4. That is funny….
    1. Shows Buffalo fans are clueless
    2. Shows Philly fans are nothing out of the ordinary with our own complaints/hate for other teams
    3. Makes me that much happier that those children are all upset and depressed.
    Thanks again Kyle, good finds on FB.

  5. this is coming from one of the fans of the sabres who is shown on this site^
    i wrote that right after we lost, im in finals week so that didnt help my week. I will be the first to admit we had cheap shots too, its hockey, it happens. You guys played way harder than us in game 7 and deserved to win. congrats. I do believe the NHL should really do something about blatant head shots into the boards, all teams do it, and it was a bigger problem in the Chicago Vancouver series.

  6. Richards spent 7 minutes in the box total for the elbow and hit on TC from behind. What did the Sabres do with their respective power plays? Squadoosh! Haha, love the hatred for Philly. Looks like Buffalo is trying to catch up to Philly in the violent-fan-o-meter ranking. Keep trying Buffalo. Hey, just think, only 4 more months til Bills season. Here’s my question of the day: Will the Bills record more wins in 2011-2012 than the Sabres recorded in their quarterfinal matchup with the Orange and Black? Choke on that Buffalo. Go Flyers.

  7. To Sean,
    You can thank your buddy Kaleta for helping to fire up Danny Briere. By the way…the referee excuse that the NHL wants the better team to win is hogwash…it certainly wasn’t the refs in game 6 that coughed up a 3-1 lead.

  8. haha yeah kaleta and our team had it out for briere and did not deliver and instead it made him a better player. philly deserved the win, you have a much better team and the goalie is the only weakness i saw you had. just because i made an angry status doesnt mean im not reasonable haha. anyways tim connolly probably wont sign with us again and i dont want him back so who cares lol. i am proud of us for lasting to game 7 against a better team than us

  9. This series was definitely a positive for Buffalo. They managed, for a small period of time, to make a good team give a shit about them. Can’t say I ever trashed them this much before.

  10. did that guy seriously refer to richards as a superstar? i also think its funny that they are pretty much acknowledging that the only way they couldve won is if richards was suspended; like him playing is the only reason they lost or something.

  11. WOW!!!! sabres fans really do have some nerve, their bitch boy Ryan Miller punched carcillo in the face numerous times and even has one of his cronies trap him into the boards so he could take a shot at him! Then we have JVR getting tripled teamed after the play was already over and that cockstain myers held and thrashed giroux to the ice when he was already on his stomach, and thats just game seven!!! Richards also never hit anyone from behind if you watch the replays he finishes his man into the boards from the side its only the sabres fault that they got hurt, they ducked their head down and the first thing they tell you is to keep your head up. The calls were getting out of hand I’ll give you that but there clearly was no favoritism except to buffalo when we played up there, they had powerplays in game 7 and don’t act like they didn’t. I’m sorry the flyers are just a better team than buffalo but don’t get mean and twisted about it.

  12. They want Richards to break his neck? Well i want Ryan Miller to get raped. Oh wait… he did… last night… at the Wells Fargo Center… BOOM roasted

  13. Are sabers fans blind or just dumb? Reading all those statuses almost made me think I watched the wrong game last night. Face it sabers fans, the Fly Guys straight up outplayed your team in game 7. The refs were awful, but the penalty total was 8 for the Flyers and 7 for the Sabers. We just capitalized on our powerplays. I’m just glad Cole Hamels’ ugly step brother ryan miller finally got smacked by Briere. And btw, I’m sure no media outlets will say a damn thing about what some of these fans have posted on their facebooks. And they say Philly fans are bad? At least we haven’t killed a fan from another…yet.

  14. I would LOVE to reply to everyone of these crybabies especially the one guy who said that we would be a better team if we had Miller as a goalie… You guys already have Miller & look where it got you, an early bus ride back to Buffalo empty handed!

  15. Sean Parnett needs an education about hockey or at least maybe he should watch the series before he comments about it. Embarrassed for that kid

  16. Ho-hum. I’m already over all the crap that’s coming out of that town the Injuns named for a “Weeping Putrid Vagina”.
    I’m concentrating my building bitter hate for the next opponent and their fanbase. whoever that might be. F*ck em all.

  17. I like how Lindy Ruff tried to blame his team losing on the fact that they “had” to use a player who hadn’t practiced since January. Excuses are like Ryan Miller…shitty. He’ is just upset because Miller got sniped by Leino….VILLEDELPHIA!

  18. This is hallarious…..Happy trails Buffalo and pull your diapers up and face defeat by a team that does not quit. How about the free punches Miller got on Carcillo and the bench opening the door on “Z” and the 5 minutes on Richards for turning and defending himself and all the other cheap shots you got in with no calls….enough said by me Buffalo is history so let them vent…on to Boston!

  19. Who is Buffalo anyway? Is it a hockey team? Those losers had their opportunities and couldn’t finish off the Flyers. It shows who really deserves to be moving on….the team that has fire and desire takes the games. Did Buffalo even show up in game 7? Two shots in the first period from Buffalo and they are crying…get a tissue and move on.

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