Sarah Madson May or May Not Hate You

Here's my pseudo-serious take on the whole Sarah Madson-Laura Goldman story. The Phillies never denied Madson's quote, but they also alleged it was taken grossly out of context. The source, in this case, was worth considering. At the end of the day, the story requires you to look at it from both sides, and decide who you believe, or if you even care.

You can read the full thing at

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6 Responses

  1. I said it earlier in the week on facebook, and I’ll say it again: Who cares? Everyone is carrying on like this is somehow important. Just because her husband makes a lot of money, she’s not allowed to have a bad day? If you catch me on a kinda bad day, I’ll talk shit about everyone to anyone who will listen. If it happened as stated in your story, if Goldman really had her in a corner and didn’t identify herself as a reporter (which she’s not, is she?) how do we know Madson’s comments weren’t directed at her, because she was being annoying? Ryan Madson is paid to throw a baseball, not to shut his wife up. I don’t understand why everyone is acting like a certain amount of money is supposed to keep a person from ever having a shitty day. No one who is infuriated by her comments has ever, in their entire life, said something they wouldn’t want repeated? Ever?

  2. I fall in the not caring category. She’s entitled to her feelings, whatever they may be, and whatever controversy came of it didn’t affect Ryan’s performance last night.
    No harm, no foul. Though I’d pay good money to see the skanks stay away from the married guys. If the married guys are going to be dogs, let them work for it.

  3. Laura Goldman pled guilty to two counts of extortion after they had to extradite her fat ass back from her Holy Land hidey-hole. Her stalker victim had to pay her $200k for mental health treatment. Part of her sentence was that she had to live with her MOM in NJ…a 51 year old woman was sentenced to be baby sat by her fricking senior citizen MOTHER…
    This lady’s full of win, isn’t she?
    (Why would anyone give a rat’s behind what this bunnyboiler thinks, or writes, or thinks about…)

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