Seems Like A Good Time for This…

Hey. Did you remember that this exists? And to think this was made pre-Madoff. How can it get any better?



I applied to be a starting pitcher… no, not really.

H/T to John Gillon, who sent the reminder.


8 Responses

  1. hahaha
    “Starting Pitcher, Starting Pitcher, Starting Pitcher, Starting Pitcher.”

  2. THIS IS STUPID….Mets are 2-1 and are coming to take the PHIlthies and Citizens Bank DUMP!
    Ill personally be there all 3 games laughing at the stupid philly fans

  3. John, why are you coming here? Is it because you can’t afford tickets to Shiti Field?

  4. So John, it’s a “dump,” but yet, you’ll be there for 3 straight days?
    Makes sense.

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