Sixers Will Play at 3:30 on Saturday

Saturday is going to be insane.

Per the NBA on ESPN, the Sixers will play the Heat, Saturday at 3:30 on ABC. Big time, yo.

That means the Sixers game will go up against the Flyers game, which starts at 5. The Phillies? 7:05. Welcome, to spring time.

The rest of the Sixers' schedule hasn't been announced yet, I'm guessing the NBA is going to drag the bejesus out of this series, so the Heat can get all of the good TV slots. Fine by me. 

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  1. Whoa! Our Sixers, on ABC, eh? When was the last time that happened, 2001? The kids have certainly come a long way. I wonder who the broadcast team will be? If I hear the cringe-worthy tones of the smacked ass twins, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Baldy, I’m turning the sound down and listening to Tom McGuiness on the radio. Hell, I think I’ll do that anyway.

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