SNY Makes Fun of the Mets with Family Guy Reference, Chris Rock Lays into the Team

Remember that Family Guy clip we showed you last year, the one that made fun of the Mets' season being over after Opening Day? This one:

Well, some SNY staffer found it funny, too. After the Mets lost to the Marlins on Friday night, part of the audio from the clip was played over Mets announcer Gary Cohen. The video is after the jump. Someone's in trouble. [NY Post via Big League Stew]

Yesterday, SNY executives were seething.

"It was a very poor decision by an employee," a network spokesman told The Post. "The matter is being dealt with internally."

The team wasn't fazed by the flack — at least publicly. 

"You can't react to criticism," said Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz, who hadn't heard of the on-air gaffe until called by The Post. "We're New York; you have a thick skin."

Another source said the incident was unintentional and that it's not clear if the employee will be fired.


Heres the best part: On's archive of the game, the sound clip has been completely edited out. Coooonspiracy.

Watch that, and Chris Rock making fun of the Mets, after the jump.

The Amazin' Mets, folks.

H/T to "R", "Dude", and Michael. Perhaps people could start using their real names when sending me emails…


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  1. Good stuff Kyle. You remind me of Bill Simmons back when he was The Boston Sports Guy.

  2. Sorry, for got to sign my e-mail. Was still stunned that we showed both offense and great pitching two days in a row.

  3. Best part about the NY Post article is the second sentence:
    “Mets broadcast officials were angrier yesterday than K-Rod at a family reunion”

  4. Making fun of the Mess is certainly satisfying! I approve wholeheartedly! ^_^

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