So The Eagles Drafted a 26 Year Old Fire Fighting Canadian Hockey Player


Isn't this a Tony Danza movie?

Watkins talked about his age.

[Philly Sports Daily]

“I don’t see it as an issue. I just took a different path to get here,” said Watkins. “I’m not collecting my 401K by any means. My body is fresh and I’ve been out in the world, and worked. I’ve met a lot of guys that are 19, 20 and this is their first job. I know what I need to do — coming to work and being mature about it.”


Are you surprised?


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  2. Only time will tell but the Eagles could have gotten a offensive or defensive tackle, or even a CB Jimmy Smith. They never draft best player available….at least not under the Reid regime. Safe pick, but they could have done better.

  3. At first I questioned this pick at first with the age concern, but after listening to him talk I like the pick a lot more. He sounds like a smart guy who really has his head on his shoulders….which will be nice to have on the OL to protect Vick and open up some holes for Shady.

  4. I hate this pick at 23…I would have been pissed but they should have traded out of 23 and drafted this guy later in the first or in the beginning of 2nd. When Jimmy Smith is sitting there and thats one of your biggest needs, TAKE HIM!!!! They either better sign Nnamdi or trade Kolb to AZ for Patrick Peterson.
    God I can’t wait til Reid is fired!!!!

  5. Another thing, I swear the Eagles do this just to screw up people’s mock drafts…The Phillies and the Flyers are run so much better than the Eagles.

  6. I personally like it, I think people panic too quickly because he wasn’t on any of our “draft boards”, but he was essentially climbing on many teams boards and most likely feared another team picking him before he was projected. His age is …a non-factor to me because you see linemen with very lengthy careers so if his is shortened to 7-10 yrs I can deal with that. He is versatile and has played both Tackle positions at one time, so in emergencies he can be very useful. Also, as Erik said he has that nasty you LOVE and want in a lineman with great work ethic. I also have a hunch that the Eagles were going to stay away from CB this draft bc they have plans on pursuing Peterson or Asmougha. Prince Amukmara would have been included if he wasn’t drafted by a division rival with no need for a QB, shame because he might have been more realistic than Peterson being his price may be too-high.

  7. I agree Shawn. He also only started playing in college, so a few of those years may be added to his NFL career. Love his enthusiasm though.

  8. If we were going to take someone on the OL..GABE CARIMI WAS ON THE BOARD! He plays bot OG and OT.
    He’s an average player unworthy of the 23rd pick

  9. See, Kyle-Boy, this is why you need to put the icons back, so you can tell when one doosh is theeving another doosh’s identity.
    As for this Watkins firefighter, will they let him bring his axe and hose out on the field?

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