So The Lockout is Over, Sort Of

A federal judge has granted the NFL players' motion for an injunction. League offices quickly released a statement:

We will promptly seek a stay from Judge Nelson pending an expedited appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. We believe that federal law bars injunctions in labor disputes. We are confident that the Eighth Circuit will agree. But we also believe that this dispute will inevitably end with a collective bargaining agreement, which would be in the best interests of players, clubs and fans. We can reach a fair agreement only if we continue negotiations toward that goal.


Philly Sports Daily has more.

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3 Responses

  1. The Eagles probably pleaded to have this happen today of all days, to temper the enthusiasm of Easter Sunday’s victories and steal some attention from other Philadelphia teams….again. Well, I hope I speak for most people when I say, “who cares?” It has actually been quite nice to not hear 58 so-called “experts” break down the draft and who is going where and trading up for who.

  2. @Dan couldn’t agree more with all the nonsense of whos going where and when and whatnot. so annoying how they march the 6 dozen “draft gurus” on the TV to tell you what to think. If they were gurus they wouldnt be working for ESPN, NFL Network and most especially any Philly outlets like the Inquirer and CSN Philly

  3. Dan Schwartzman had a good idea last night on 97.5– they ought to delay their appeals until after the draft… allow the teams a week to make deals and sign free agents, then file their appeal. Wonder if there’s any chance the owners would think about the fans and players for a second.

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