So The Yankees “Cheat” Too


A Yankees employee, sitting behind home, was seen wearing a headset and relaying signals to Yankees hitters in the on-deck circle this weekend. That's a no-no and MLB has kindly asked the Yankees to stop.

It turns out the scoreboard, which keeps track of pitch types and speed, malfunctioned at The Stadium (that's the obnoxious way of saying it) and, instead of communicating the information to stadium operators as per his job description, the employee was giving hand signals to on-deck hitters. Can't do that. [NY Times]

Cashman said that Weber was relaying the velocity of the pitches after the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium malfunctioned. It failed to show the radar gun readings that are posted after every pitch. Cashman said Weber usually wore a headset to communicate the type of pitch to scoreboard operators. That was what the assistant general manager Jean Afterman told Joe Garagiola Jr., baseball’s senior vice president for standards and on-field operations.

Baseball operations bulletin C-4 forbids team employees from using hand signals to convey pitch speeds and types.


This comes a year after the Phillies were accused of "cheating," when they used binoculars from the bullpen. Both stories were grossly exaggerated, but something tells me this one will go away more quickly.

via Deadspin


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  1. can you even imagine the media storm that would come down on the phillies if we were doing this?? But no the yankees never get in trouble

  2. Wanna bet we won’t hear boo out of Clueless Bud Selig about this little incident? And since it doesn’t invlove the Phillies, the operative word here is “little”.
    (Who says Philly fans don’t have the mother of all persecution complexes?)

  3. I am about to call out SportsCenter on twitter to all the hosts…. Twitter Bomb here we come….

  4. Nothing will happen to them like nothing happened to the people at Wall Street. Its the norm in the big rotten apple.

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