Apparently it's Michael Vick week.

Tomorrow at 4 P.M., the results of the Madden cover voting are expected to be announced live on The Deuce (how long has it been since they've called it that?). Vick is likely going to be the winner – there's still time to VOTE HILLIS 2012, because jinxes are real, yo.

But that's not the only news on Vick this week. He's trying to put a stop to an Android dogfighting app… and he will soon star in a documentary about himself. Per Pro Football Talk:

Bombo Sports & Entertainment plans to produce a 70-to-90-minute film, which would be released theatrically in Philly and other NFL cities at the start of the 2011 season.  It possibly would be aired at a later date on ESPN or another sports network.


No word on how much of his "past" (ya know, the one we're not allowed to talk about) will be featured, but the CEO of the production company said he's a dog owner, so "this won't be a sugar-coating." Oh… OK.

This seems like a good spot to announce the winner of our two VIP NFL Draft tickets. And the winner is… Drew Balis. Drew, check your email.