Some Lunchtime Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure

Dwight Howard talks about posterizing Jrue Holiday (I feel bad for his head), ex-Met Wally Backman goes on an F-bomb tirade with minor league umpire (must watch), and another Flyers pump-up video.

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H/T to (@DXFlyers)


7 Responses

  1. Dwight Howard is an underachieving dick… Maybe that manager is taking minor league baseball a little too seriously, one too many veiwings of Bull Durham maybe… and the Flyers are gonna kick ass… that is all

  2. Anyone else notice Backman’s, “Motherf****** Minor Leaguer?”
    Wasn’t he managing a MINOR LEAGUE TEAM, during a MINOR LEAGUE GAME?
    Kettle, meet black. Black, meet L_LM_t. (Still can’t afford a vowel)

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