Superimposed Ads on Glass No Longer Most Obtrusive in Sports

San_diego_shaftThat's a really big shaft!

And we're not counting soccer, because…. never mind.

Last night, the San Diego Padres debuted their new foul pole, which is adorned with an 88 foot high Taylor Made driver… in fair territory. That's it, San Diegans, you win. I welcome Comcasts' ads on glass, so long as the Phillies avoid putting up comically large cheesesteaks or Krimpets. On second thought… I like Krimpets. Mmm butterscotchity goodness dripping off the right field foul pole on a warm summer's day. I think I just gave Joe Blanton a boner.

[Sign On San Diego]

The shaft, which weighs 1,000 pounds, is remarkably realistic. The grip, made out of wrapped aluminum, appears to be soft rubber.

“My first reaction is that it looks like a real golf club. They did a great job,” Garfinkel said after an inspection Wednesday.

The club will no doubt create a buzz among local fans, as well as the national media. ESPN and the Wall Street Journal are doing stories, and it will most certainly create chatter in the “SportsCenter” highlights.

A promotion is in the works to reward a batter whose home run hits the shaft. A baseball striking the club figures to make quite a racket – maybe something like the Friar mascot ringing the bell.


Those shaft-friar references are located entirely too close in that paragraph.

Anyway, the golf club sucks and it will predictably be owned by Ryan Howard this evening (figuratively… I think).

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8 Responses

  1. I like Krimpets too. Should be made one of the official food groups. Yum! Meanwhile, that shaft IS pretty awesome looking, and I could care less about golf.

  2. Only I could handle a golf club of that size. It takes BIG SAFE hands to grip up a stick of such epic proportions…

  3. if my seats were behind that piece of shit, i’d be pissed.
    Anything a stadium puts between seats and the action is a travesty, and an insult to fans. Those “nettings” attached to foul pole’s is bad enough.

  4. “I like Krimpets. Mmm butterscotchity goodness …”
    Hmmm. I would have figured you for a jelly krimpets girl.
    I like to pull the icing off my krimpets, throw the spongecake part away, roll up the icing and mix it into my whiskey. Much better than some wussy-girly rum and cokes.

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