The Mets Have Binoculars in Their Bullpen, Too

StoshDo you read me, Stosh?

To go along with a bunch of other assorted nonsense, stored in some goofy carry-all.

We've toned down the Mets coverage of late, but we'll be going all-out for the next three days. An article in today's New York Times talks about the Mets' new bullpen mascot, Stosh. He's (?) a tool… chest, who (which?) is used to house a few essential items:

Many of the items are medical supplies like tape, lip balm, a styptic pencil, aspirin and smelling salts, most of which were appropriated from a drawer in the trainers room.

There are also binoculars in case the phones break down and Warthen can’t be seen from the bullpen, but they could also be used by a pitcher or bullpen catcher to spot a cousin or friend in the stands.

There is a hand-held call-and-response toy called Bop It, for those occasions when the starting pitcher is so dominant a reliever will not be needed, or perhaps to test the reflexes of the relievers. And plastic biohazard bags for those occasions when the performances were not up to snuff.


This is all very ironic because, last year, the Mets were the first to criticize Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer for his use of binoculars in Colorado. Charlie Manuel, citing the Mets' tremendous home record, quickly fired back and accused the Mets of stealing signs.

Wouldn't you know it, binoculars just might have a real, legit use in bullpens.

Hello, kettle, you're black. Sincerely, the New York Mets.


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  1. The Phillies were blatantly stealing signs. The mets “supposedly” have a pair of binoculars. Can you see the difference? (I am a Phillies fan btw and hate the Mets, it’s just that this post sucks.)

  2. “supposedly” has no reason to be in quotes. And you clearly missed the tongue-in-cheek aspect of this post and this line:
    Wouldn’t you know it, binoculars just might have a real, legit use in bullpens.
    Read more than just the headline, Chief.

  3. Billmeyer was just checking out the girl with the big ta ta’s in the first row in Colorado. Nothing proved that signs were being stolen.

  4. Ahh, gamesmanship. Gotta love it! I guess the Mess wanted to copy us since we were so successful last season! HA!

  5. “There is a hand-held call-and-response toy called Bop It.”
    That’s all you had to say. M*ts are gay and faggot dooshholes.

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