The Ryan Miller Effect



Will Chris Pronger play? We don't know.

How will Bob handle playoff hockey? Just fine.

Will the Flyers "flip the switch" (a phrase I love, but am getting tired of using)? Seems like it.

Can they slow down the Sabres? Yep.

Look at some of these stats, courtesy of the Flyers' release:

The Flyers directed 74 shots towards the Buffalo net (35 on net, 16 that were blocked, and 23 that missed) compared to 36 by Buffalo (25 on net, 4 that were blocked, 7 that missed).  On March 5, the Flyers directed 83 shots towards the Buffalo net (36 on goal, 29 blocked, 18 missed) in a 5-3 loss. 

The Flyers recorded 40 hits tonight.  That equals their regular season high set at Dallas on March 19.


They more than doubled Buffalo in the number of shots taken. They tied a season high for number of hits. But they still lost.

While a number of questions were answered in the affirmative last night – yes, Virginia, the Flyers can flip the switch (uhhhh) – one somewhat overlooked query will now be the refrain: What if Ryan Miller stands on his head?

It's the one variable in sports over which you have almost no control. A hockey team can play a perfect game and still lose. It's sort of like a summer's eve in Sea Isle. Carts (in theory) could play his perfect game: Luke warm keg on berber rug, shooters served by a sexy college student, meticulously scripted Taio Cruz playlist interspersed with selected pop ballads like The Climb (you go to a party and find me a bunch of drunk girls who won't break-out into harmonic ballad during a post midnight Miley play), and ripped jeans. Yet, if at the end of the night, – insert conquest here -'s friends want to take her home and not have her make an awkward and yet somewhat memorable mistake with a professional athlete, well, there's nothing Carts can do. Sort of like last night.

Ryan Miller is the clam-slam friends. Don't invite them to Game 2. 


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  1. What’s Joe Blanton doing @ the game in the 2nd row behind the dude with the orange wig.

  2. I feel for Bob who stood on his head last night in his very first playoff game and, under any other situation, would’ve won. Problem was, Ryan Miller was walking on water….unfrozen water. If Miller’s on his game and the Flyers can’t crack him, then we’re in for a spot of bother.

  3. Anyone else remember last time we faced buffalo in the playoffs and Esche stood on his head and got a shutout? Well if you remember this then you remember what happened the game after. And I’ll say this, Miller has a weakness. It’s shoot the puck high. Esche had a weakness, it was shoot the puck not at his chest, the Flyers will figure it out and steamroll over the Sabres, just watch.

  4. They’ll be fine. I may sound nuts here but I’m more confident in the team NOW than I was at this time yesterday. They did flip that proverbial switch and looked decent. Though if the PP doesn’t get going they’re in trouble.

  5. 1. They did flip the switch
    2. They out-played the Sabres ALL GAME LONG
    3. They beat the Sabres in almost every statistical category
    4. Our power play looked a lot better except for the last one.
    Miller played great, bounces went their way. If Pronger is there to sweep the porch, their goal doesn’t happen. Switch Carcillo for Zherdev, bump Nodl down to the checking line, put Zherdev with Giroux and Carter. Pray Pronger comes back.
    Let’s Go Flyers

  6. “It’s sort of like a summer’s eve in Sea Isle.”
    What does ice hockey have to do with a common brand of doosh, Boyle?:
    Anyway, you lost me after that. Better lay off the analogies from now on when you write after a night of extreem drinking, since you apparently can’t hold you liqour (like a little girl). Better yet, just take a day off and don’t write at all. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t blog every day, laddie.

  7. Don’t understand all the ” Miller is a world class goaltender” coming from certain places….is this just bulletin board mind motivation ?
    Goalies win the Cup.
    ..and a goalies job is to stop the first shot.

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