They Played Like Ass

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Must have been a full moon or something- the Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers all lost last night.

You can watch Cole Hamels give his thoughts after the jump. Oh yeah, and J.C. Romero's ass.

Seems CSN has removed the video… or it's down. I see you, Comcast SportsNet, removing that ass, removing that ass.


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  1. I don’t care how many women with a microphone are interviewing Cole Hamels in the locker room. Nothing is stopping JC Romero’s after-shower regimen. NOTHING!

  2. Sidenote: I was at the game last night, and I was terribly disappointed in the fan’s reaction to Cole’s performance.
    As soon as Charlie went to get Cole, a fan stood up and let out a loud, hulking “BOOOOOOO! YOU, SUCK!”
    Guy behind me spun around, “It’s the fourth game of the FREAKING SEASON! CHILL!”

  3. And also I never realized how bootyliscious J.C. is! I might have to change my name! ha

  4. I watched the game last night. I will admit Cole Hamels did not pitch very well at all. He could not locate or get ahead of hitters. Not a good start. But it’s his first start, the fourth game of the season. I was embarrassed to be a Phillies fan last night. For him to leave the game with a chorus of “boos” escorting him off the field was ridiculous. If this was in the middle of the season and he pitched liked that I could understand the frustration, but in his first start. Really?
    If Cliff Lee would have pitched that poorly, would he be booed? Hell no!
    Cole Hamels is proven, a World Series MVP, and single handily won us the first Philadelphia Championship in 25 years!
    I think the guy deserves little more of leash.

  5. I agree with all the people saying we embarrassed ourselves last night. There was absolutely no reason to boo the man off the field. Game 1 for him, cut him some slack.

  6. problem with tshirt night/dollar dog night/college night is that they bring out the drunkards who do not really follow the game. cole didn’t pitch great but also didn’t deserve the lack of appreciation he received. let’s not forgot only 2 of our starting 5 have rings… the last 2.

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