Todd Herremans Buries Ben “Rapistberger” on Twitter, Then Backs Off

Todd Herremans' Twitter is full of hilarious who's its and what's its galore. He pissed off a few people back in the fall when he said that True Blood was a good show until it hit us with "a barrage of homosexuality." Funny. True. But something the public doesn't take kindly to. 

Yesterday, Herremans was at it again, as he Tweeted about rapist Ben Roethlisberger's apparent newly-formed stance on pre-marital sex – or at least living together:


Good for YOU, Todd Herremans. That takes cojones most NFL players don't have. After some backlash, he later backed-off a bit, saying:

Funny how it takes all day to get negative feedback from a tweet… If u read it correctly.. It reads "good for him"


Still not buying that the first Tweet wasn't sarcastic. But whatevs.

Mike Florio Pro Football Talk picked up on the story earlier today… and then took a very out-of-context shot at Michael Vick: [Pro Football Talk]

Fine, but the use of “Rapistberger” could cause a reasonable person to think that Herremans was clubbing Ben over the head with his past.  If, for example, someone were to say as to Herremans’ quarterback, “From vicious, cold-blooded, methodical, calculating dog drowner/electrocuter/slam-to-the-ground-until-deader to Comeback Player of the Year . . . Good for him!,” that could be viewed as a slap against Mike Vick.


It's actually a good analogy… – quietly backs out of the room –

At least Roethlisberger didn't turn gay – like all those vampires – otherwise we would have been looking at something like "Roethlispberger." No one wants that.

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  1. I see you slip that lisp in there Kyle, because gays talk with lisps…VERY well done. Big Ben’s PR person kind of shit the bed on this one…just way too over the top.

  2. My bad, the tone of my type didn’t come through correctly. I wish I had thought of it.

  3. I understand Mike Vick is always their first target because he is a high profile, very successful player, more successful than before incarceration, but the difference between him and others is that he did time and has the willingness to change. I don’t even want to bother naming other pro athletes who did horrible things and got less than a year jail time, if in fact that actually did jail time.

  4. people need to stop going on and on with this animal rights shit…I get it, Vick was wrong for what he did, but to compare that to someone getting raped is insanity…man is more important then dog…thats why WE walk THEM….

  5. Ok, I’m reading a lot of stupid comments.
    -Doesn’t allow sports fandom to cloud my views on morality-

  6. dan: Depending on who you talk to, there are people who value animals more than people, in some instances, MUCH more. That’s why the Mike Vick situation has had so much life. That said, “Rapistberger” went a bit too far for my liking.

  7. while i understand what you should and/or shouldn’t say on twitter/facebook/mygace/etc,
    how can ANYONE not find rapistberger funny? now i’ve never been raped, or raped anyone for that matter… and i could see if either of those scenario’s happened to me – it wouldn’t be funny.
    but the majority of posters on blogs tend to be males ~ males who have not been raped (sorry altar boys) ~ so just laugh. tanks!

  8. “he said that True Blood was a good show until it hit us with “a barrage of homosexuality.” Funny. True. But something the public doesn’t take kindly to.”
    What, the public doesn’t agree that homosexuality makes for questionable and, frankly, unappetizing television? Keep it to your own channels, am I right? I’m sure Todd would agree..

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